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Physical, social and emotional needs of students will NOT stand in the

way of success in school.


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What is Kids Cause?

Our future rests in the hopes and dreams of our children.  Some will go on to greatness while others will have difficulties in achieving their goals and dreams.

Local Association Members recognize that many students in our schools are struggling.  Some live without the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter despite the availability of social assistance programs.  Alpine, Nebo, and Provo Association Members have joined with the United Way and community groups to serve Utah County children.  Children in school classrooms who need glasses, shoes, clothing, winter coats, or medical needs can receive these items through the Kids Cause coordinator at their school. 

Schools in Utah County have selected a Kids Cause coordinator who works with the principal, staff, and parents to meet student needs.  Teachers have direct contact with their students and can recognize issues that deter students from learning and participating in the classroom. 

Kids Cause works to ensure that the physical, social and emotional needs of the students will not stand in the way of success in the school setting.





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